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Thursday, 15 April 2010

I get a publishing deal.

Yes, people, you read it here first.  Unless you read it somewhere else first, of course.  Those lovely people (although I haven't met them all, you understand, but I'm taking it on trust that the ones I haven't met are actually people and not domesticated plovers or lemurs or anything) at Choc Lit have contracted my novel!  When I say they've contracted it, I do not mean they've made it so that you need a microscope in order to read it, I mean that they've BOUGHT IT.  For ACTUAL MONEY.  Good Lord.  I need a lie down.

I am, obviously, so beside myself with excitement that I am using myself as a mirror.

And so, as I cast one book adrift in the ether, I knuckle down to work.  Here (if you are in the least interested) is a list of Ten Things that Stop Me Writing Today.

1.  Wondering what that strange smell in here is.

2.  Investigating the source of the strange smell with a bucket of soapy water in one hand and a stick in the other (in case whatever is making the smell is still around).

3.  The arrival of the post, containing the Special Edition of Doctor Who Monthly.

4.  Continuing to investigate the smell, now with rolled up copy of Doctor Who Monthly (Special Edition) in place of stick.

5.  Accidentally dropping copy of Doctor Who Monthly (Special Edition) in  bucket of soapy water during under-cupboard manoevres.

6.  In attempt to rescue Doctor Who Monthly (Special Edition) from bucket, knocking over bucket and soaking carpet, trousers and cat, who promptly makes New Smell.

7.  Pacifying cat.

8.  Removing cat from trousers, trousers from me and soapy water from trousers.

9.  Putting now-naked knee in source of Original Smell.

10.  Putting other now-naked knee in source of New Smell.

The glamour of my life as a writer overcomes me, and I have to go for a nice lie down now.

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