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Thursday, 8 April 2010

An introductory message to anyone out there

I've decided, in the interests of, well, not very much, me being bored and trying to avoid work and all that, to start a blog!  Now, don't all rush at once, I shall start off small and work my way up to the mind-blowing awesomeness that I know you've all come to expect from me.

I'll use the blog to trouble you about my writing, pester you into being interested in my upcoming works, and generally plague the life out of you with random wittering about my life, my teaching, writing generally, the weather and, you never know, maybe a bit of entertainment.

So.  My mission statement ends.  Live long and prosper (wasn't that a brilliant film?  Anyone seen Kick-Ass, that was pretty cool too.)  No, no, that bit isn't part of the mission statement.  Obviously.  Just up to the 'live long and prosper' bit.  Anyway.  That's the sort of thing you can expect here.  Rambling.


Cat Marsters/Kate Johnson said...

Yes, it was a brilliant film.

Yes, Kick Ass was too. I want to be that little girl when I grow up!

Er, wait a minute...

Salvor said...

"Live long and prosper" - depends *which* film you are referring to their, hun :)

Oh, Kick Ass was aaaaawesome :D glad you enjoyed it.

Looking forward to reading more on your blog... Keep it regular :)


Salvor said...

Dammit, there not their. This is what I get for writing comments whilst concentrating on games. I'm not as stupid as my typos would have you believe... no really. Stop looking at me like you don't believe me.

Jane Lovering said...

'Live long and prosper' is mentioned in the JJ Abrams film, where what I've come to think of as Big Spock and Little Spock have their face-to-face and Big Spock tells him that his normal farewell would 'seem oddly self-serving'. Oblique, but there...

And Salvor, I fully intend to keep it regular, I have the blog equivalent of Syrup of Figs for just that purpose.