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Monday, 28 June 2010

Timeliness and the importance of Things Happening

Good day, my little chickadees.  You may, in your unswerving loyalty to this blog, have noticed that I am a day late with my post this week.  This is because I was waiting for something to happen.

Nothing specific, you understand.  I don't watch football or tennis and I didn't think the season finale of Doctor Who would sustain an entire blog post. Well, I did, but most of you would get bored and wander off. But I did think something else might come along, presenting itself neatly with its tail in the air, whiskers akimbo, ready to be blog-fodder.

It didn't.  I contemplated blogging on the subject of nail varnish colours, or jam, and I even started to draft up a post on the subject of My Ice Cream Hell (which was yesterday, and less of a Hell and more of a Disappointment, I mean Thornton's Toffee ice cream should at least have hints of toffee in, surely?)  But all of these topics seemed insufficient to engage your rampant attentions, my beauties, what with the competition I face from foot-pumicing or arranging your toe-nail clippings into order of size.

In short, this week has been decidedly light on events.  Tony Robinson has not arrived at my door (despite the fairly heavy hints I dropped last week), and although the delightful people at Choc Lit have begun wafting the delicious scent of newly-minted book-covers under my nose, we have not yet arrived at a suitable recipe, so I have nothing to show you on that score.  My clothes have not fallen off in an amusing or educational way, I have had neither trauma nor triumph to report and even the weather continues to be a rather boring khaki affair.

Short of asking your advice as to what to have for tea, I'm stumped.

I'm a writer, I am supposed to be more full of interesting and original ideas than a dog is full of tapeworms, but having finished polishing up two books, rewriting, editing, changing and generally sprucing up the old manuscripts, I seem to be all out of anything much to say.  I think I may have used up all my brain-words.  I shall attempt to distract you with a picture.

Look at the shiny-shiny.

This is a picture of the sky.  It's not very exciting, but there you go, at least you feel you've had your money's worth.

Pop back next week.  I've got the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming round for tea on Wednesday and I'm having my entire body rebuilt by the people who brought you Lego on Friday, so I should have something interesting to talk about by then.

Until then, my wonderful may leave.

Oooh, I've just thought of something!  On Monday, I got this phone call from David Tennant...oh.  They've all gone.  Bother.  That would have been quite interesting...


Sarah Callejo said...

No, I'm still here... Over here, can't you see me?
Tell me about David Tennant, your secret is safe with me.
Do you realize you've written 10 paragraphs on doing nothing and you still made me laugh out loud?
I think your next post will be about the white padded walls in the asylum, will the Four Horsemen be visiting you there?

Jane Lovering said...

Modesty, unfortunately, forbids me from repeating what David said, and thank you for your kind comments! (They were kind, weren't they? You didn't mean the bit about the padded cell, did you?)

Talli Roland said...

Gorgeous photo!

David Tennant, hunh? I'm intrigued, but I think I might prefer the four horsemen! :)

Jane Lovering said...

How about David Tennant on a horse?

Kate said...

Matt Smith was on a horse the other week

lynda Renham Cook said...

Loved the photo. Save yourself work, just publish photos :-)
Great blog, envy it, love it, covet it.
So, I shall be emailing you shortly for your address to eliminate you asap.
Ever the joker. Lynda

Jane Lovering said...

Oh, Lynda, you and your...what's that piano doing up theerrrrrrreee.....