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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Exeter Library is hosting a Choc Lit Event! With Margaret and Linda and me! Although I may be muzzled for my own good...

Exeter Library.  What it looks like, if you are a mole.
Today I have been packing.  I even IRONED, people!  (Now, do you see the importance of punctuation there?).  Because tomorrow I am leaving the loveliness of North Yorkshire bound for the glories of Devon.  Yes, the land where I was so skilfully constructed, using only the finest Devonshire rivets, claims me once more, this time to strut alongside fellow Choc Liteers, Margaret James and Linda Mitchelmore at Exeter Library.  This is how we are advertised.

Title: Writing Romance - With Linda Mitchelmore, Margaret James and Romantic Novelist of the Year Jane Lovering
Date:Wednesday 1 August
Time: 19:30 - 21:00
Description: Ever wondered how to write and publish award-winning fiction? Join in the Q & A, chaired by Cathie Hartigan, CreativeWritingMatters
Cost:Tickets cost £4 and £2 can be redeemed against books purchased on the night
Bookings: Tickets available soon from Waterstone’s Romangate and Exeter Phoenix - phone the Box Office - 01392 667080
Organiser:Exeter Library Live
Partner: Choc Lit, CreativeWritingMatters & Waterstones                                       
Should you choose to come along I am sure you will be made most welcome.  I hardly ever throw things at people any more, and I know that Margaret and Linda are the very models of decorum and will sit on my hands if I try to, for example, lob banana peel at the audience.  So, yes, do come and see us.  I will probably be behind some kind of protective screen or something, and I will have been sprayed with the most potent of insecticides, so you will be quite safe.  Although, if I stand up and try to gnaw through any leather straps that I might have about my person, you would be best advised to run for the exits...actually, if I were you I'd crawl.  Try to stay below my eyeline.


Guernsey Girl said...

I'm in Yorkshire next week, believe it or not, but I'd clearly rather be in Exeter. Whether I would stop laughing long enough to listen to you wonderful Choc Lit authors is another matter.

Chris Stovell said...

Well, the residents of Devon are in for a treat, aren't they? Dream three rather than cream tea? Whatever - good luck for this afternoon, will be thinking of you all.

D.J. Kirkby said...

Hee hee... Hope you and your audience have fun. Sadly, I won't be a part of the audience as it's too far away for us. Leather straps, eh? Presumably of the special snug jacket kind rather than the 50 shades kind...