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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Book Stuff - yes, real, stuff, about books!

You can't have failed to notice my slipping you a quick one this Wednesday.

Oh.  You didn't notice?  Well, never mind, because I shall reiterate.  No, that's nothing to do with lino - why would you think it would have something to do with lino, when have I ever talked about lino?  Why would you even need to know about lino?

This week, the new cover of my new book, which is new, was revealed.  It looks like this: -

There.  A slightly different angle from the Wednesday one, but, you know, it's a book, you can turn them round and look at them sideways if you want, and this cover is designed to allow you to do just that!

So.  As you can see, it's entitled Hubble Bubble,and  has a very nice picture of a cauldron, a bottle of poisonous-looking stuff and an old book, so I think that you can guess what it's about.  No, it's not my book of recipes.  No-one would pay for that, because most of my recipes are written on little pieces of paper and shoved into inaccessible places, for the good of mankind, although I still maintain my 'Jam and Baked Bean Rice Krispie Crunch' is a noteworthy advance in the cause of cookery.

This is a book about witchcraft.  But pretty rubbish witchcraft, as practiced by a group of women who each have one specific wish they perform spells in order to get.  Mainly though, it's about Holly Grey, a woman who doesn't wish for anything, because she's happy with her life the way it is, doesn't believe in any of that 'magic' twaddle and is far too busy working, visiting her brother and hanging around with her friend Megan to have time for prancing around anything at all.  Let alone a cauldron.

But, you know I wrote this book?  And you know my books are never simple, don't you?  So this one has a lot of truly chaotic elements in, some involving actual elements - well, it snows a lot at one point.  A lot.  It is set in North Yorkshire, where it does sometimes snow quite a lot.

Like this.  There is also an incident of childbirth - but if it's all right with you I won't put up a picture to illustrate that, we all know how it goes, don't we? Like trying to get an umbrella out of a chimney without putting it down first.

There is also a woman who works in BHS, so if cushions and lampshades are any kind of 'trigger' for you, then approach this book with caution, some bonkers people, some people who are really quite normal, a Jeep, handcuffs, motorbikes -  and a Welsh journalist called Kai Rhys, who not only doesn't believe in magic, he doesn't believe in anything very much at all.

And you have to wait until June to find out what the hell it's all really about.  Mwhahahhahahahhahaha!

Oh, and there's also an enormous, sticky, badly-behaved, scruffy dog called Rufus.  Who's based on my dog, Tiggy, only is much, much bigger.

Imagine this, only huge.  And without the laundry basket.


Guernsey Girl said...

A really wonderful cover = full of toil and trouble!

Jane Lovering said...

Thank you. I'm loving that whole 'sepia manuscript' background, it's like a book that comes already pre-loved!

Chris Stovell said...

It looks good, it sounds good and, by golly, we know it will be good!

Talli Roland said...

Love the sound of it, Jane! Think I'll wait until *after* I ensure childbirth, though, to read it.

Rhoda Baxter said...

Where's the lino? You said there'd be lino?

The book sounds great and I love the cover. I'm looking forward to reading it.
Disappointed by the lack of lino though.

Jane Lovering said...

Thanks Chris, it will probably only 'do' you good if you eat it - full of fibre. Not *you*, obviously, I'm sure you have plenty of fibre of your own. Not that I am commenting on your..err..fibre requirements - look, I'll shut up now.

Talli - by the time the book comes out you should be safely delivered (unless, by some fluke of biology your youngster manages to be six months' late,) and you can read the wince-inducing tale with a smug grin.

And Rhoda - yes, perhaps I should have said. A lack of lino. That's what this blog has. But at least I mention the lack of lino, it's not like I try to cover up the absence. But I do *say* the word lino, if that's any consolation.

Flowerpot said...

Sounds great Jane can't wait to sample it!

Catherine Miller said...

Another great sounding book to look forward to! I hope you don't mind but I tagged you in a Why? Why? Why? post over on my blog:
Mainly because I know your version will be hysterical xx

Jane Lovering said...

Thanks, Flower, I hope you'll enjoy it.
And Catherine - I shall head straight on over...