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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Drunken ramblings. Never ramble when drunk - fall over. And snow. Lots of snow.

OK, a confession. 

We were given a bottle of stuff last year.  Was it last year?  Hang on, where are we now?  No, not last last year, another year.  Different one.  Anyhow, it was a year, fairly sure about that, it had days in it and everything.  Were given a thing.  Bottle.  Yes. Bottle.  And in the bottle was stuff, and told not to open until Christmas last year (that’s proper last year, not the other last year).

We have just opened it.  We’ve forgotten what it was.  It’s a vodka bottle, so might be vodka, and has small black things floating in it.  Like rabbit pooh, but if there is market for Rabbit Pooh Vodka have yet to hear of it.  Anyway.  Is big bottle of purple stuff  with black things in.  We opened it and tasted it, and it tastes not unlike cough syrup, in fact, almost exactly like cough syrup with pooh in.  We are drinking it with lemonade, which makes it taste like cough syrup with bubbles in, but no-one’s face has fallen off yet, although there are several cases of dispossessed legs.  It’s nice, obviously, because we’ve drunk half the bottle, just wish could remember what it is! 

Newsflash.  Have just tried to eat one of the small black things.  They are incredibly hard, so not rabbit pooh, unless rabbit terminally constipated.  Popular concensus says is probably sloes, but is going very fast for something slow...

In other news, it snowed.  Of course, prodigious consumption of purple stuff made this no problem and many giggly walks were undertaken.  Here are some pictures.  Look at them while I go for nice lie down.

Tiggy.  Not a husky, unless huskies have v v short legs.

My house is up there. Somewhere. No, not in trees, am not Tarzan...

My neighbours.  Lovely and quiet, never have wild parties or anything.

 I love you all, did I say that? All of you...  And now, I’m going to sing.


Flowerpot said...

Ah that sloe gin stuff eh? I was given some last year..... No snow here in Cornwall but lots and lots of rain!

Jane Lovering said...

Still not convinced they are sloes. Have headache. Ow. Will stick to wine in future, and possibly cocktails with little cherry in.