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Sunday, 3 March 2013

"I'm Free!" - with apologies to all the Mr Humphries' out there, including Jake and John. Who spells his name differently, anyway.

Well, yes, it's true, I am positively giving it away. Hither and thither and yon and all akimbo I flaunt myself for your delectation, and do not charge you for the pleasure. That's practically the definition of me, but in this case it is Please Don't Stop the Music about which I speak.  Or write, if you aren't sitting next to me.

For yes, Please Don't Stop the Music is currently FREE, always supposing you possess a Kindle (and if not, why not?  Wonderful things, just don't drop it in the bath.  But then, even paperbacks don't come off too well if you drop them in the bath - I did this once with a book. Can't remember which one, probably the only J R Ward I've ever tried to read, Lover Unhinged or something.  Anyway, upshot is - you can dry them out over the radiator but only if you enjoy reading ninety pages of papier mache) or one of those newfangled Apple devices.  I don't know how well they fare if you drop them in the bath, but I'm betting that it's not pretty.
They look like this, apparently. I don't know.
   This is it, being Book of the Week and free on the Itunes thingummy, should you wish to go and look and, perhaps, obtain.  Of course, if you are reading this blog at some future point this will not apply, and all you will be able to do is gnash your teeth, with a possible option on rending some garments, and then hop over and buy the thing for real money.

It's also here for the aforementioned Kindle, where it has been (and may still be, unless you are, again, reading this at some point in our future, in which case, quick, tell me next week's Lottery numbers).  But, again, it's only for a limited time, so you should hurry before they're all gone, or whatever happens to electronic books when they run out. 

I quite like being free. It's very unencumbering, like taking your socks off and running through mud or sitting in the sea with no pants on.


Chris Stovell said...

Oooh, you're making me feel utterly freezing with all that wild, pant-free stuff.
But 'Please Don't Stop the Music' is a terrific read with or without pants - so grab it now, folks!

littlegrebe said...

As I already own "Don't Stop the Music" in a nice dry papery edition, I won't be loading it on my kindle.

Having accidentally put my original kindle in the washing machine I can tell you that the cover comes out nice and clean but sadly the machine itself changes it's default picture to a tasteful abstract (with a hint of monochrome tartan)and then refuses to display anything further.