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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Some little Factettes about the writing of Hubble Bubble. Plus, a link to buy it on Kindle! And a picture of a cute dog.

In honour of Hubble Bubble's slow journey down the slipway of publication and gentle splash into the world of Books That Are Read, this week saw it being gently poked into the public consciousness by way of being released for Kindle. In case this statement caused you an indrawing of breath and a sudden groping towards your pecuniary storage device, I shall make things briefly easy for you. Press this button here and you, too, may purchase!  (Clue - it should look like this -
If it looks like this -
then you have inadvertently downloaded my face, and should go back and try again.)

In further honour of this event, I should hereby like to give you some snippetty little insights into the writing of said book. You know, if you're interested or anything.

1.  The original first draft was written in six weeks, as part of my attempt to NaNoRiMo. Which is National Novel Writing Month (usually in November).  I think you can all see that six weeks is not a month, and assume my consequent failure.

2.  The truly appalling weather which forms a backdrop to Hubble Bubble was actually going on as I wrote it. This was coincidental, I'd already set up the plot, and this did nothing to relieve me of the feelings that everything I write comes true.  Note to self - write next book about lottery winning woman on holiday in Seychelles..

3.  My workmate, Heather, came up with the name 'Rufus'.  I dashed into work one morning yelling 'Quick, I need a name for a big, scruffy dog!' as is my wont and, as usual, nobody was at all startled by this (working with a writer means that my entire department lives on its nerves and a thesaurus) and, after mass-consultation, Rufus was decided upon.
He looks like this, only a grey-brindle colour. (By the way, this pic comes from DogsBlog, a rehoming site for unwanted dogs,a terrific place if you are looking for a new companion. A dog one, I mean, not a person, I can't help you with people, although you may want to consider joining a club, or taking up a new hobby).

4.  Despite the title, Hubble Bubble isn't supernatural or paranormal, although it may contain traces of witchery. Any magic perpetrated is purely incidental - although not for want of trying on behalf of its characters - and it is as far removed from 'Charmed' as I am from Elle MacPherson.  Which, I think we can all agree, is as far removed as possible, whilst still being members of the same gender and species. It is more about the ability of humans to convince themselves that they are in control of their destiny and identity - although I have to say that if I were truly in control of my identity, I'd lean towards actually being Elle MacPherson.

And there you have it. Insider Information on Hubble Bubble, with which you can impress your friends and influence Beagles.


Celia J Anderson said...

That's exactly how I was imagining Rufus, in a grey kind of way of course. Loving the book, just reached the bit where she reads his letter...saying no more so as not to spoil it for the people who haven't dived in yet.

Celia x

Jane Lovering said...

Thank you, Celia! Glad I got the descriptions right...

Sarah Tranter said...

Really looking forward to reading this one, Jane - on my kindle ready and waiting for my hols when I can finally get into reading again. I hope I have to laugh re the dog called Rufus. Our dog is a Rufus. He's big and black though. Half lab, half border collie although I think there's horse in there somewhere. Sure Hubble Bubble will be a huge success, Jane. X

Jane Lovering said...

Thank you, Sarah. Coincidentally, my dog, Dylan is half border collie too, but we're not sure what the other half is - what's brown and white and mental? (This is not a joke....)

littlegrebe said...

It's a good thing I left Saturday free as I could only put this down when urged by greed to break off occasionally to contemplate the fridge or by conscience to speak to family members now and again.

Loved it!

Jane Lovering said...

Well, thank you very much for taking the time to say so! Now, rush to the fridge again, I am sure there will still be leftovers, and I wouldn't want my readers to starve...

Flowerpot said...

Very much looking forward to reading it Jane - and 'Rufus' is gorgeous.

Gillh said...

I just tried to leave a comment but ended up having to reset my google account which I never use so I couldn't remember my password. At any other time that would be enough for me to go off in a huff and start playing patience. But I refuse to go until I say how much I enjoyed Hubble Bubble! Thank you so much.

And I have slightly fallen in love with Kai - it's the thumb rings, long hair and leather ....... *sigh*

Jane Lovering said...

Thanks, Flowerpot, I adore Rufus too!

And Gilh - thank you so much for taking the time to say you enjoyed it! And for your perseverance... There's just something about that guy, isn't there? Although I'm still in love with Rufus... x