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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Today I am marshalling ideas, rounding up sentences and driving inspiration through the cattle-crush of logic, where it will be drenched with the tonic of reality and wormed with the err....wormer of truth.

Exactly how my story will look...
Enough of prevarication! Get thee behind me hoovering under the sofa cushions! No more actual cooked meals, as opposed to heating up of some vague lumps of stuff.  And welcome to facepalming despair.
courtesy of, who said it all, really...
The ideas I have in my head are shiny, immaculate things, expressed in words of such scintillating purity that they encompass the whole experience of being human.

No, not like....oh, what the hell, yes, exactly like this!

 And yet, I know that once I start wrangling those words; actually setting them down and making them real on paper, what will actually emerge will be more like

And so, dearest reader, wish me luck as I throw myself over the precipice of real life and prepare to drown in the tidal waters of Fiction!*

tortured metaphors have been excused 'just this once' by the Board of Fiction Writers, because I'm in a hurry...


Flowerpot said...

Procrastination is an art - a science, in fact!

Chris Stovell said...

Ah that lovely perfect image in your head (well, not yours, mine)that is so peskily elusive when you try to pin it down.

I'm sure your words will look all sparkly and lovely and I look forwards to seeing them.