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Friday, 5 July 2013

Being revealing

Now I know this is a couple of days early and everything, but I feel that you should know about this.

I've just signed the contract for the sequel to Vampire State of Mind, for the second book in the trilogy. It's called Falling Apart, which is quite apt, because it's about zombies. Not just zombies, but the zoms feature quite largely.  It's also apt because our heroine, Jess, the put-upon council employee and all-round Queen of the Filing Cabinet, is not having a good time. Sil has gone awol and she's having to share a house with Zan, the Vampire King of Geek (and completely unreasonable when it comes to mess, untidiness and just putting things down on the floor).

And, your bonus for being nice... the cover!

You may stroke it gently.  I have...


Carol Hedges said...

Both your books have great covers.Puzzled: how come you sign the contract yet you already have the cover??

Jane Lovering said...

Because it's second in a series we had the cover ready to go, I was just a bit tardy with sending back my signed contract. Because of sheer ineptitude. I didn't want to release until the legal formalities were all dealt with!