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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Forthcoming Vampires, future books, Tony Robinson and my Spoon of the Day!

So.  I've sent off what should be the final edits for 'Falling Apart'! Which is good, because it's out in June and I had visions of having to sit up until midnight on 31 May still tiddling with my timelines (it's all right, that's a real thing, not something that should come in a plain brown wrapper).  And now I can get further stuck into 'I Don't Want to Talk About It', which is the book I'm hoping to submit later this year - which will, if accepted, come out some time in 2015, but because this is a two-book year, with Starman scheduled to come out in December 2014, there will be more edits to do for that before I get IDWTTAI finished.

Are you keeping up?  Good.

Because then, whilst working on the edits for the end of 2014 and the hopeful book for 2015, I am starting research for a book about an archaeologist (no, it's not based on Tony Robinson...oh dear, now I feel the need for a gratuitous picture..

...ah, that's better), which will be the book after the book I write after IDWTTAI, which is called 'Crush' and has birds in it. That would be my 2016 book, all being well, which makes the archaeology 2017. And somewhere, in between all these, I have to finish my Vampire Trilogy...

And people tell me I'm no good at forward planning!  To be honest I'm not. I mean, I struggle to book train tickets a fortnight before I have to go somewhere, and I'm not even much good at switching on the electric blanket in time to warm up my bed. But when it comes to books I am a veritable demon with the diary.  You see, that is one of the problems of being a writer...forward planning.  There are lots of others, of course, an increase in bottom-size, the complete inability to take a day off, a relentless interest in things so bizarre and random that it invokes cries of 'WHAT?!' in susceptible onlookers, but mostly it's the forward planning. That and the spoons.

So, anyway, the main reason I'm telling you all this, is so that you can ask me what might be termed 'pertinent questions', such as 'how is the archaeological research coming along, Jane?' Thus neatly reminding me of what the hell I am supposed to be doing and forcing me to put down my spoon du jour and finally pay attention to my writing.

Oh, and it's one of these...

in case you were wondering.

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