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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Forthcoming competition to win Vampire State of Mind, Falling Apart and Modern Vampires of the City. I spoil you, I really do... and a shout out to Duncome Park's Birds of Prey Centre!

Just a couple of points today...

Now I've finished pointing, I suppose I'd better tell you what I'm pointing at since you can't see me.  Except for you, hiding out there in the bushes, and you'd better be careful because we did some gardening yesterday and dug a big hole just there to...oh. I see you found it.

Firstly.  It may have escaped your attention (if you are living up a particularly high mountain with no electricity and your fingers in your ears, going 'lalalalala') that my sequel to Vampire State of Mind is called Falling Apart and will be released upon the reading public as a Kindle book in May and in all its paperbackular glory in June.

Pre order it here.  Just a hint, you understand, I won't send the boys round if you don't.  Probably.

Now, I have it in mind to run a little competition, just prior to the release - around about the middle of May I shall be giving away on this very blog, a Special Prize.  How special? I hear you ask, because I know that some of you have some very 'special' requirements because I've seen you in the fish warehouse when you thought no-one was looking and there was an offer on dabs...  Well. I shall be giving away - giving away mind you, and you know how it hurts me to give anything away, apart from the twist ending to certain films... a package.  And that package will comprise:

a) A shiny, signed copy of Vampire State of Mind
b) An even more shiny, also signed, and probably not bearing coffee-ring marks and dogeared pages, copy of Falling Apart (which will not even be in the shops yet!)
c) A copy of Vampire Weekend's latest and Grammy-winning album, 'Modern Vampires of the City'.  It's a brilliant album, by the way. Very singy, and popularly regarded as THE album of 2013.

I shall be hosting that competition on this very blog, and you will be required to 'do something' (as yet unspecified) in order to win.  But probably not dance. Yes, probably not that.

And my second point...yesterday I popped in to the Birds of Prey centre at Duncome Park to do some more research for the upcoming book, which features a Lanner Falcon called Bane.

I mention this merely to advise anyone in the area to visit.  It's fabulous.


Carol Hedges said...

not sure I can cope with the excitement. May have to indulge in EXTRA large plate of custard and a sit-down!

Flowerpot said...

I hope the Doing isn't too taxing. My brain can't take it!!!!