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Sunday, 23 March 2014

I fail to become obsessed with rocks, even shiny ones, and have an encounter with the Noah's Ark of Death...

If you missed me - I'm back.  If you didn't miss me, you must have just done a really long blink.

For this weekend I had to travel to Oxford to collect DD1 from her University thingie and bring her home for Easter.  Huge apologies to those friends I promised to meet up with next time I was down, but this was a flying visit, with a pause only long enough to visit a couple of museums and eat cake, for now I am back in the place I belong - my bed.  But this sojourn (do I mean sojourn?  Or are those trouser-things?  Those things that go..sort of..over the legs, but aren't part of the trouser?  Or are those bicycle clips?  Never mind now...) enabled me to take photographs, some of which may become part of this book, or the next!  Also to visit the Pitt Rivers museum again, where I discovered that they are seriously....seriously fond of rocks.  There were all sorts of interesting fossils and dinosaur things and stuffed animals, but every other case, just as you got really into the dinosaur timeline or bird family trees...along would come a bloody big label saying 'Ah Yes, but have you considered Rocks?' and then millions and millions Either rocks are far more important than I have previously considered, or the museum curator has a dangerous obsession.

This is me. I am staring at some rocks.  The novelty wore off very quickly.

Sigh.  These were fluorescent. But still. Rocks.

DD1 with what she refers to as 'Noah's Ark of Death'.  You see all those cases off to the left?  Guess what's in them.  Go on, guess....

Cake not pictured.

So now, I suppose, I'd better go and write something. But not about rocks. Not even the seaside kind.


Sharon Booth said...

Well in my humble opinion, Jane, you rock! Your blog always makes me laugh and that's not easy sometimes, especially today when I have a bad back and a rotten cold. You could have showed us pictures of the cake, though. Unless it was a rock cake in which case you're forgiven. Rock on, Jane!

Jane Lovering said...

You are right, Sharon, I should have pictured the cake. It was ginger and spice fruit cake, and most delicious. But then, in your fragile state of health the excitement may have been too much for you - I'm glad my bloggette made you laugh, and I hope you get better soon!

Margaret James said...

I love the Pitt Rivers. I've just been writing about it in my WIP. Spooky, eh?