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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Falling Apart is Coming Soon and your withers may well be wrung. There are also biscuits.

My new book will be out soon.

This one.  In case you'd forgotten or got hit on the head or something.

  I'm at that nail-bitingly nervous stage, like the one you go into a couple of weeks before a baby's due date - 'will everything be all right?  Will I scream and swear and generally show myself up in public?'  Not that showing myself up in public is generally a fear of mine, I can show myself up without even showing up, if you see what I mean.  I've managed to disgrace myself at Twitter online parties, which are virtual and not even real and I STILL managed to find myself underneath the table with an unconscious waiter and an unknown sporran!

So, I am awaiting the appearance of my latest with some trepidation.  This is the first time I've written a series - with an attention span like mine, trying to keep characters and histories in my head for long enough to write sequels is a bit of a bath sponge Christmas present.  And then there's the flannels...

What?  Where was I? Oh yes. Panicking ever so slightly about how everyone is going to feel about going back into my alternative York, where vampires and zombies are a matter of daily life, and where my heroine, Jessica is trying to sort out how she feels about being the girlfriend of the City Vamp, the very dashing and gorgeous, if somewhat old-fashioned Sil.  The others are there too, Liam is still trying to run the office, despite Jess's complete disregard for the alphabetical nature of filing, he also guards the biscuits.  Zan is still keeping order on the Vampire side, wearing gloves to handle loose change and resisting eye contact with everyone, and Rachel is still trying to forgive Jess for killing her a bit.

This time the human government are Up To Something, Jess faces a family crisis and the Britain for Humans bunch of bully-boys have decided to take against zombies. ("They're stealing our jobs and our women!" To which Jess replies, "The only jobs the zombies take are the ones where the main qualification is Already Being Dead, and I think most girls would rather go out even with you lot than with people who are largely held together with Araldite."  She's got sass, our Jess...).

Oh and something really terrible happens to Sil...

Falling Apart is the middle book of the trilogy, one which tidies up the ends from the fallout from the first book but builds up events for the final book.  And, despite the fact that I've got other books currently trying to vie for pole position in my head already... I keep getting flashes from this third book breaking through from whichever world books exist in in potentia.  Armies in the streets, our heroes hiding in a hut on the moors, one of them gravely ill....

So, anyway.  I'll just go back to biting my nails and hoping that everyone buys Falling Apart, and that everyone enjoys the story when they do.  I am, after all, in the entertainment business, so I want to write stories that will wring your withers (no, I don't know how you do that either.  Withers are, as far as I am concerned, pretty much a fixed event)
but I want you to enjoy yourselves whilst your (purely metaphorical) withers are being wrung.  So there's a lot of laughs in there too (at least, I giggled like a loon, but I realise I am hardly a typical audience).

I'm off to worry now and think about Days of  Future Plots.


Chris Stovell said...

I loved 'Vampire State of Mind', in fact I'd go as far as saying it's my fave of all your considerably fab novels so I'm really looking forwards to 'Falling Apart' (well, not personally, that is - I'd like to read Falling Apart before falling apart.)

Flowerpot said...

On my TBR list too!