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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dog table decorations; a sunny morning chez Lovering, with added chaos

It's the first of June and the sun is shining!  To celebrate these two rare events - or, at least, the rarity of their coinciding - I sat outside today to eat my breakfast.

Makes it sound so simple, doesn't it?  As though I merely strolled down the garden to a small 'eatery' area, where I sat to take in the view and a couple of slices of toast, maybe also to sip upon a dainty cup of Breakfast Tea, while the breeze played merrily through my hair.  But you are forgetting, this is the house of mayhem!  We may even have a poltergeist, but the general level of background mayhem is such that we haven't found out yet.  So, in order to breakfast outside, first there was an amount of hacking back of the undergrowth, followed by a judicious degree of pooh-sweeping.  There followed a short while of shooing, and clearance of the area, and a final installance of the breakfast comestibles.

Then this happened.
Obviously the table looked too large and too unadorned, so we were forced to add a centrepiece, in the form of a large black Labrador, and no Labrador table decoration is complete without the tabby cat additional element.  Next time I think I might just try candles.  And, yes, I do drink my tea out of a pint mug, thank you for asking.  The reason I am wearing walking gear is because I was just returned from a brisk forty minutes with all the dogs.

Yes, it is the same black Labrador in all the pictures, I haven't got a troop of them, she just moves about a lot. 
In other news, this week saw the ceremonial Sending Off of the latest completed manuscript, and the concomitant Drinking of the Bottle of Fizz.  The fizz did a sort of double-duty, because we were also celebrating in a somewhat delayed fashion the release of Falling Apart for Kindle.  Apparently the double duty meant that I had to spend Saturday with a headache, but that was all right because I had to hoover the car, and that's the sort of job that's best done when you're already in a bad mood.  So, yes, the book provisionally titled 'I Don't Want to Talk About It' has left the building!  It's the one with the hobby horse called Light Bulb, and the graveyards and the man with the tattoo of chaos on his wrist.  Which looks, I think, a bit like this...
Picture by ppunker at DeviantART.  Isn't it fab?

Right, I'm off now to enjoy what's left of the sunshine, while it's still there.  It's a bit like an endangered animal, you have to be quick to see it in its natural habitat...


Anonymous said...

Just read this and it has put a smile on my face thank you. Night night...

Chris Stovell said...

Aaaah! I did enjoy that - and what a lovely photo of you with your adoring pets (well, some of them). Congratulations on delivering the next novel - well done, dear heart!
(OMG - I think the comment moderation thing is expecting a novel too - it's ginormous!)

Flowerpot said...

Wel done on the most recent delivery! Your breakfast outdoors is very like mine but just one dog and one cat... x