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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Temporary Fangirlhood, I appear as just a voice, Cabaret viewing and general overstimulation

So much has happened this week, I cannot tell you!  But first, in major news, my little crystal owl has just fallen over... I KNOW!!!!!

Sorry, I have spent rather a lot of time mixing on Twitter with OneDirection fangirls and it has brought me out in !!!! and SQUEEEEE. Bless them. But it is causing me to rather OVERREACT OMG!!!! at fairly ordinary events like my small crystal owl...I KNOW, RIGHT!! falling over.  I'm sorry, I now have to go and Tweet four thousand pictures of my fallen owl.  Back in a mo...


My Twitter fan girl experiment is linked to writing, so that's all right and completely allowed, although it does cause me much despair about things like spelling and writing and grammar and things, but I'm sure it's all fine and will work out over the next twenty years or so, when eventually everyone realises that they can't ALL marry Harry. Although, on present evidence, they CAN all shag Harry.
Yes, I'd have a job picking him out of a line up too.  But maybe it's my age.  Give me Tony Robinson any day.

Now, where was I?  Oh yes, the many things I have come to report about my busy week.  Firstly, there was last weekend, when I was on an Agency Day where many things happened, including the launch of Falling Apart in paperback.  We took the book out for a few cocktails and...well, the events of the night are chronicled in Lucie Wheeler's blog.

The book behaved appallingly, I shall tell you that much.

Next of all, was Monday night, where I appeared (if one can appear where one is merely an invisible voice) on Russell Watson's show on Radio Leeds, where I talked about rocking, marshmallows and..umm... well, I'm not sure actually, but it was probably very good.  And I discovered that Leeds is a very funny place and also very hard to get to.  Well, not so much 'to' as 'around'.  There are roads, and other cars, and I was unprepared for this.

Then, after a quietish week, where I am sure other things happened that I have no memory of because of the happening of the previous things causing me a headache and temporary deafness, on Friday I went to see my youngest daughter, who is at York College (only not right this very minute, because it's Sunday, I just mean that she's there as a sort of generality, you see).  She was performing in her Final Show, which was Cabaret, in which she played the MC.  Here she is...

The flowers are real but those are stunt legs.

As a consequence of all this I have become overexcited, and am having to spend the next few days lying down in a darkened room.  And on Twitter, where I am mixing with the fan girls. YOLO, you know.


Kathryn Freeman said...

I can only say LOL to all that! Thanks for my Sunday morning giggle and I'm looking forward to reading Falling Apart (as long as it behaves). .

Rhoda Baxter said...


Chris Stovell said...

Am full of awe for Youngest - I could never do that in a million years. Mind you, I'm pretty scared of radio, so I have reserved some of my awe for you too. Jane and Youngest - I salute you!

Jane Lovering said...

Kathryn and Rhoda, thank you for your appreciation - for the record, you can also throw biscuits at me, I appreciate that too.

And Chris, it's just the natural show-off in our genes coming out. But thank you for the salute, the seventy cannons were unnecessary, but appreciated.