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Saturday, 27 December 2014

I suffer from a terrible lack of dates, and stamina jelly. Which isn't a thing, but should be.

When I was young..ahem, I mean younger obviously, I used to think that the days between Boxing Day and New Year didn't have any dates attached to them.  Not dates like
despite this being the period when these things are all that stand between us and scurvy, or some kind of turkey-induced coma, but the kind of dates that give the year a nice rounded shape.  I thought that we sort of stopped counting at December 26 and there was a blank on the calendar until we resumed with January 01 of the next year.  But then, I also thought that 'stamina' was the jelly stuff in dogfood (not my fault, in my defence, the adverts said Pedigree Chum was 'packed full of stamina' and I just made the slightly dodgy deductive leap - hey, I was about four and I had no idea what 'stamina' was...).  So this period between the overeating of Christmas Day and kicking off the New Year always became known as the Dead Days. 

The time when there's usually no work to go to (if, like me, you work in a school, I know that shop workers have it harder, and loads of service industries are beavering away), there's still far too much chocolate loitering around and usually an undiscovered tub of Cheesy Footballs rolling around under the bed, and a kind of heavy stupor about the days.  Every inch of me knows that I should be using this time productively (hey, I've got a book to finish) but my brain refuses to co-operate because it knows that there's another box of Orange Matchmakers behind the sofa and it will not work until every last calorie has been hoovered up.  By which time, of course, my stomach has come to the party and insists that it can't possibly do anything further until it's had a nice lie down and, possibly, a cup of tea.  Whereupon my eyes agree that they are shutting up shop for the day.  So, quite frankly, getting my outlying regions to work together for long enough to produce this blog post, is a bit of a triumph.
Roughly how my body feels right now. Except the willy. Ignore the willy.
So I think I might just give in to the whole 'lie down and eat' thing. Just for a few more days... I mean, there aren't even any real days yet, are there? Once I can start counting down 2015, I promise I'll do some things, but until then...pass me the Matchmakers and put the kettle on, would you?


Mandy K James said...

I felt exactly the same yesterday. I just lounged about and didn't really enjoy it but couldn't be bothered to do anything else. I looked for stamina in the cat food but the cats had eaten it all. I am determined to go out today!

Lesley Cookman said...

There's still a few Quality Street left in the tin...

Anonymous said...

Indeed! Tea, or coffee? Milk and sugar?

The biscuits are excellent, and from my sister in N Carolina. Gift to a relative who, alas for them, shouldn't have sugar.

Alas for me, I can eat sugar. Dearie, dearie me ...

Reading and enjoying "Vampire State of Mind", btw!

Rosalind Adam said...

I know exactly what you mean about these non-days but I'm preparing for an onslaught of the second half of my lovely family tomorrow til new year's day so the week has lots of shape for me this year!