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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year - my resolutions for 2015. Sort of.

Firstly... I believe convention requires me to wish you a Happy New Year here.  So...

Picture courtesy of The Loft, where they clearly know how to celebrate.
2015 is a particularly angular year when written down, which probably indicates a future of hanging up coats, breaking windows and weight loss, with the circular nature of the 0 foretelling that we shall immediately regain the lost weight and our adhesive coat hangers will not be the bargain we thought they would when we bought them in IKEA.  (I am convinced this is how horoscopes are written. Trust me, 1224 was THE year for coathangers...)

Since this is a new year, and convention also dictates that we will all be hell-bent upon self improvement, at least for the next five days, until the early mornings/aching muscles/lack of chocolate cuts in and we revert, I feel it incumbent upon me to list a few things that I shall be undertaking in 2015 in order to improve my life.


Well, I had thought about giving up alcohol, but since I consider the odd glass of wine to be conducive to productivity, that will not be happening. (see also: chocolate, HobNobs, dairy produce, pictures of Tony Robinson, marzipan, squirting whippy cream straight into the mouth, Mint Imperials and kittens).


I suppose I could do more regular housework..
Oh, the looks on your faces.... No of course I'm not going to start with any of that stuff! Although I do have to admit that the pre-Christmas house clean revealed that my carpet has a pattern on it and is a kind of reddish colour, not the all-over grey that I had assumed. Plus we found a cat we didn't know we had, and there was a packet of HobNobs in the garage.  No, I've no idea why either. Perhaps I parked them there.

I know. I shall resolve to do more writing, that should do it.  Or, more accurately, I shall include things like this blog in my 'writing wot I have done today' count.  I am well known for writing a couple of short stories, a blog post, a newspaper column and a guest interview and then getting cross because I haven't added any words to my WIP, on the grounds that 'I haven't written anything today'.  So I resolve to allow ALL words written to count towards my writing tally. Yes, even the begging letters to Tony Robinson - after all, it's all writing, isn't it?
Dear Tony - Day Four. Another week of writing to you and I will have reached my yearly word total. Perhaps I can collect these letters into a book? 'Letters to Sir Tony...' A best seller. Or another injunction.


Jan Jones said...

Angular? Now I thought the 2 and the 5 had a pleasing circularity to it. Indicating that this time next year we will be back where we started. But hopefully with more words written...

Rhoda Baxter said...

Jan, Ending up back where we started? You mean like housework?

Guernsey Girl said...

Great post! When is writing not writing? It's a question I keep asking myself. :)

Guernsey Girl said...

Great post! When is writing not writing? It's a question I ask myself every time I go on my blog.

Wendy's Writing said...

So glad you decided nog to oh for the 'more housework' option.