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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Suspension of Alpha Billionaires..I mean, disbelief.

I've never been much of a one for alpha-billionaires. No, let me put that another way, alpha-billionaires have never much been one for me.

I've always been told off for my inability to suspend my disbelief, and I'm even worse when it comes to books, and when I read (or write) romance, I have to half-believe that the hero could, given the opportunity, actually fall for me.  Of course, this does presuppose a degree of blindness and/or mental incapacity on the part of the hero, but not nearly as much as would be required to make a billionaire fall for me.

This isn't false modesty. It isn't even real modesty. I mean, I'm still upright, I have most of my own teeth although I am quite positive that the two front ones were stolen from a Derby winner one debauched night, my hair is... shiny and my nose is cold. I am, in fact, a perfectly attractive and healthy dog. And, when it comes to heroes, I am confident of my ability to gain the attention of one.  However.  I prefer my men not to 'instantly know what I need/like', if I need/like something I shall tell them, thank you very much, not have them tell me.  Where I come from, that's not Alpha, that's bossy.  And while I am sure a man who knows what he wants is all very well in the short term, I'm not sure I could put up with it for thirty years plus.

"You want a new sink."
"Er, no, actually, I quite like this one, it's the right height and.."
"No. You want a new one. I've ordered it, it arrives tomorrow."
"But I like this one!"
"No. You don't..." etc

'By the Power of Greyskull - you're getting a new sink whether you want one or not!'

And, billionaires?  Have you seen the women they end up with?  For a start, very few of them look as though their teeth belonged once belonged to a horse.

All this is why I write heroes who are...dare I say it...realistic. Even if, by some terrible fluke they happen to find themselves reasonably well off, they tend to have problem that means the world of women is not universally open to them.  So, basically, I write the type of man I find attractive... and who might, conceivably, fall in love with me. So, no billionaires.  By the way, has anyone ever encountered a billionaire who isn't an Alpha?  Because, although I'm not particularly bothered reading about people with enough money to solve most problems, I'd quite like to be introduced to one in real life...
Sadly, none of my heroes are based on Lovely Tony...


October Woman said...

You've captured my thoughts about alpha billionaire heroes exactly! While I can read and enjoy pretty much everything, alpha billionaire heroes included, my favorites are heroes who feel realistically attainable.

Sue Moorcroft said...

I love the alpha billionaires, Jane! And I always believe they could fall in love with me. But, then, I believe in elves and orcs and wizards, too. :-) x