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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Go and have a wee before you look at this blog. Honestly. It's 90% water. Like me.

I've just spent a week in Holland, which was hot and had boats in it. Also, windmills, chocolate sprinkles and, latterly, me and my two friends, one of whom is Dutch.
The Dutch language is interesting, and I tried speaking a bit of it, becoming fascinated with useless words, like the Dutch for frog, magpie and sprinkles, none of which I can reproduce here, although a thorough grounding in saying 'Auchtermuchty' has stood me in good stead.
So here are some pictures of 'what I did on my holidays'. I think almost all of them have water in, so if you need to go to the loo, I'd go now, if I were you...
My little legs in front of a windmill. And water...
A lake, in which I went swimming. Because it was hot and I like swimming, and the lake was there. It, too, was full of water.
The Rotterdam skyline. From a boat. Floating on the water.  The boat, I mean, not the skyline, although that does look a bit floaty, now you come to mention it.
My two friends, Fran and Heather, with me in the middle, in front of Rotterdam Town Hall. Can you see what is missing from this picture? Actually, I think there's a bottle of water in my bag..
Leaving Rotterdam harbour, on the good ship 'Pride of Hull'.  Yes, yes, there's quite a lot of water there too because otherwise it wouldn't be a ship, it would be a big metal leany thing.
And so, that's what I did. And now I am back and normal life can resume. But first, I'll just go and have that wee...


angela britnell said...

Obviously you had a wet time - I've never been to Rotterdam but have hazy memories of a weekend in Amsterdam in my misspent Navy days!

Chris Stovell said...

Ooh, I want to know about Angela's misspent Navy days now. But, Jane, as it happens I did need a wee before reading this and having seen all those lovely but water-filled photos, I ought to dash... but not before saying it looks as if you had a very enjoyable holiday. Good to see you out and about. Cx

Jane Lovering said...

Thanks chaps! Angela's mis-spent Navy days notwithstanding (in fact, I think there's a statue to her somewhere in central Amsterdam) I had a very lovely time. The sun shone, and crowds gathered to watch me eat a raw herring. I should have taken copies of my book to sell to them... The crowd, I mean, not the herring, they were a bit past reading.