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Monday, 28 March 2016

Happy Easter to everyone - now, come and hide these rubber rings for me, would you?

Well, Easter is now practically over.  There was chocolate, there was food.  There was also rain, lightening, damp washing, wet dogs and housework.

And now it's Easter Monday, when it is, apparently The Law that thou shalt go to the nearest town and shop as if thy life depended upon it.  But, since the nearest actual shop shops (ie not shops that sell purely practical items and/or expensive cards) are a very long way away, the roads are solid with caravans (this is honestly true. I could probably walk to York through them all end-to-end along the A64.  It would keep me dry, but 30 miles of uncut moquette and chemical toilets might strain my constitution) and I've got better things to do with my time than shop (my toenails, for instance, need clipping), I shall break the law with equanimity.  Anyway, I'm in here with the chocolate, and there is nothing else I need, unless Tony fancies popping round for a cuppa.
I have his mug all ready...
 So, I think I am going to spend a pleasant day attempting to double my bodyweight, catching up on some writing, and generally chilling.  Literally, chilling, because the heating went off an hour ago.  But I have this to keep me warm..
because, obviously, if I'm sitting down I must be desperate to play at pulling a set of rubber rings from the mouth of a terrier.

Sigh. I thought, once I no longer had toddlers, those days of being forced to play a physically demanding game every time my bottom touched sofa were over....


angela britnell said...

Enjoy your day off - dog and all! Keep up the chocolate eating.

Rhoda Baxter said...

That is a very cool mug.
Have fun chilling / playing with puppy.