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Monday, 14 March 2016

Still here, still poorly...

Still ill. Still no better at being it.  You'd think, wouldn't you, that after all the practice I've had I'd be good at being ill by now, but I'm not.

Anyway.  I've now perfected the 'hacking cough' element, the 'walking really slowly' is coming along nicely. 'Fuzzy head' is something I've always been good at, so no problem there... I've got qualifications in 'being off my food', 'waking up sweating' and 'random headaches' too.

So, when the Poorly Olympics comes around, as surely they will, I am an absolute shoo-in for all the events that involve creeping around holding one's head and going 'oooh'.  These are not to be confused with the Hangover Olympics of course, where the events are similar but of shorter duration.

But first I am going to try to qualify by entering the 'Fancying a small piece of Toast' games.  They're being held in Helskinki this year...

1 comment:

Chris Stovell said...

Oh dear - you're Proper Poorly. Get well soon!