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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Swamp Thing, Can't Buy Me Love, and Tom Hiddleston. Because..why not?

Another quick, late blog - oh dear, I do hope this isn't going to become a 'thing'... I mean a thing, like something I do often, not a 'thing' like a big blobby swamp monster.  If my blog should become a 'thing' then I hope it would have the decency to be a pale, thin, quite picturesque wafty thing, not all green with tentacles, because that would be just SO obvious.

All of the yeses
*wanders off for a bit of a lie down*

Anyway, how do big blobby swamp monsters like the one above eat their dinner?  How do they find their mouths?  I have enough trouble managing to poke food into my own face, and that's got a pretty straightforward arrangement of features - yet I still manage to get a large percentage of any given dinner down my front.  All those tentacles must be a nightmare, especially if you were eating spaghetti, you'd find you'd eaten half your own face, surely?  And the sauce would get splattered everywhere, you'd have to redecorate after a tomato-based meal...

Okay.  So my blog isn't a swamp monster.  Unfortunately, neither is it Tom Hiddleston. But it is where I tell you about things, so now is a good time to mention that 'Can't Buy Me Love' (which was originally published as 'Reversing Over Liberace', but has been updated and generally re-titivated) is out on 28th of June, from Choc Lit, for your Kindle.
So in two short weeks this little lovely could be on your reading device!  Go on, buy it now.  Or I'll send Cthulu round.

You're not getting Tom Hiddleston.  He's mine.

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Chris Stovell said...

Many congratulations on the latest release, Jane x