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Sunday, 21 August 2016

My brother, the rover...which sounds like the opening line of one of those folksongs. know the kind of folksong.  The ones which start with a long nasal note (perhaps, as Terry Pratchett speculated, to give bystanders the chance to get away) and then descend into a lot of vocal twanging and that sort of 'singing with a clenched jaw' that gives everybody a faux Irish accent.  The songs are usually wildly mysogenistic too, lots of 'dewy maids' doing euphemistic things to cows and their herders.

But I digress.  The title of this blog is actually literally true, my brother has been a bit of a rover.  In fact, he has just been the first person (properly really and everything) to spend 24 hours travelling on a London Underground train.  It might be news to you, but the Tube has just started to run a few 24 hour services on Friday and Saturday nights (I always vaguely wondered how Londoners got home after late nights out when there were no trains. I assumed buses, but for all I know there were licenced Pogo-Stick suppliers and you had to hop your way back after a late date).

Anyway.  The boy done good, he spent 24 hours on the Underground, without ever breaking surface, and he did it to raise money for the Samaritans.  You can read some of his story here, it comes with pictures of said brother, so be careful.  And, should you wish to donate to his cause (which is a very good one and everything), then here is the JustGiving link - both he and the Samaritans will be extremely grateful for anything you can spare.

This is him.  No, not the big red circle, that's the Underground symbol.  He's standing next to it, and isn't the big long silver thing (that's a train).

The part that really worries me is that he wasn't allowed to leave the station at any point, so all his food and drink came courtesy of the vending machines on platforms, and...and I want to be delicate here... he could only use the station toilets.

Anyway.  If you admire his spirit, ability to stay awake, and restriction on toilet usage, then please pop over to his JustGiving site and leave a few pennies to support the Samaritans.  Otherwise I shall subject you to folk songs until you do...

1 comment:

Stephanie Cage said...

A song like this, you mean?


My brother the rover rode many a train
And set up a site on JustGiving for gain
His eyes they were open all day and all night
But for twenty-four hours he saw no daylight

Dave tweeted his selfies,
folks game for a laugh.
Dewy-eyed maidens
And coppers and staff.

He went to a station and passed the turnstile
Then on the escalator he dallied a while
But too long on the platform would make him a fraud
So when the train came he'd no choice but to board.

Dave talked to the papers.
His sister, she blogs.
Well, talking of trains makes
A change from the dogs!

He started his odyssey soon after four
To see London's fair city he bravely forebore
Next morning he dozed, travelling home on the train
I think it will be long ere he ventures again!

And it's no, nay, never
Nay never no more
Dave will ride on a tube train
Nay never, no more!